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E.E.S. Profile

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E.E.S. History

E.E.S. was established in Montreal in 1968 under the name Executive Estate Services Ltd.


John Gibson, at that time a young executive working in the Personal Trust Department at the National Trust Company, saw a need for experienced, personalized attention to the settling of small estates. The large trust company, dealing in multi-millions, was not particularly interested in small-estate settlements. Gibson felt that individualized, personalized and experienced service would be welcomed by the type of client who did not otherwise merit the attention of a large company.

National Trust was so pleased to divest itself of the small-estate side of the business that it happily referred its smaller business to Gibson's growing company.

While settling estates, it became clear to Gibson that intelligent and otherwise successful individuals did not always handle their financial affairs to their most profitable advantage. Even senior-level executives in large corporations did not always have the time or the know-how to manage their income to maximum potential.

So a new avenue of client service was opened to the fledgling company -- financial planning.

In providing objective, experienced, 'fee only' financial planning, analysis, counsel and advice to executives in 1968, Gibson became the pioneer of truly objective financial planning in Canada.

'Fee-only' was the cornerstone of Gibson's business in 1968 as it is today. Analysis and advice was one-hundred percent client-oriented, with no hidden sales, commission or 'kick-back' agenda to add additional income to the transaction. There was no 'secondary-source' income from the sale of life insurance or mutual funds; there was no 'commission income' from steering business towards a particular company or supplier.

Financial planning was, in 1968 and is, today, a 'fee only' transaction. The client received, then, and receives, now, totally objective, totally unbiased analysis and advice, totally free of outside financial influence or incentives.

In 1979, because of the emergence of Toronto as the business and financial capital of the country, Gibson relocated his corporate headquarters to the Royal Bank Plaza in downtown Toronto. In keeping with the company's steady growth as financial planning specialists, offices were maintained in Montreal.

To more closely reflect the growing financial planning focus of the company, the Executive Estates Services part of the company's official name was de-emphasized in favor of E.E.S. Financial Services Ltd. in 1993.

Later, in 2000, thanks in large part to the emergence of computers and their dramatic impact on how 'personalized' business might be conducted, without the necessity of its always being done 'in person,' the company relocated its headquarters operations to Markham, Ontario, a growing suburb of Toronto.


The new, three-building head office, nestled in a four-and-a-half acre campus-like setting, is ideally poised for continued growth and expansion as we enter the new millennium.

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